Red Lantern

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Red Lantern is an Asian themed restaurant located right in the heart of Boston, right near Back Bay. This is a fun restaurant with a great theme to it and an even better environment. There is a separate room where the bar is located and many areas to lounge and dine out with your friends. I would say this is a very popular place on the weekends.

I have been to this restaurant twice so far and with large parties. Depending on what you order, some portions are rather large. I would suggest ordering a scorpion bowl if you are interested in drinks.

When it comes to the food though, I would say its good, but not impressive. The sushi was good but not impressive, I have been to better sushi places (i will write about them later on) and the veggie rice was a huge portion and came out slightly cold when we received it. We also asked the waitress about portion sizes which were not accurate at all. The veggie rice is more than enough for three people, so make sure not to order too much!

Now about the service, I’m not sure where to begin. When I called about reservations, the hostess was rather hostile on the phone and the service did not change when we arrived. The waitress was also completely unattentive and hardly ever came around. We had to wave a waitress down several times to receive service. Mind you of course the tip reflected the service.

Will i be going there again? Honestly I don’t know. I love the theme and vibe of the restaurant, but the food and service is a tad overpriced and not worth the money in certain aspects. But i’ll let you guys be the judge. I hope you have a better time when you go. But i’d love to hear your opinions and feedback.

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4 thoughts on “Red Lantern

  1. I don’t get the Red Latern craze….food is ok at best, the bar gets SO crowded (it is advertised as a restaurant and lounge), service is rude and the really can’t make a classic cocktail. However, the waitresses do wear very little clothing, so I see the draw for men!

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