Sonsie on Newbury

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Sonsie, which is located right on Newbury St. in Boston is one of my favorite spots to visit. They offer brunch, lunch, and dinner but also have a downstairs which features a wine room and a private area where you can host events. One of my favorite things about this restaurant, which is also pretty unique for restaurants in Boston is that in the summer they open up the front of the restaurant, which offers seating that is basically outdoors. This gives it a european vibe of being able to enjoy a meal in the city and people watch at the same time, enjoying the weather and views of the city.

The food there is incredible! I don’t think i have a single complaint. Every time i have been there everything was cooked to perfection. From the appetizers of salads or calamari to the entrées of pasta or fish. It was beautifully presented and was done very well. Even the desserts were great. Just remember that they do not have a set menu and that it changes with the seasons, which is always a nice thing.

When it came to the service, i was pleased most of the time. The first couple of times I came the waiters were very helpful in answering any questions we had about the menu and were very attentive when it came to service and bringing out entrées in a timely manner. However, the last time I came, simply for drinks and desserts, out waitress was awful. We waited over 20 minutes just to receive our drinks and at one point began receiving service from a different waiter once he saw that we were being neglected, although we were not in his section.

Overall I do love this place and love coming here with family and friends, large parties or small. I think the restaurant has a great feel to it which always makes it enjoyable. So i would definitely give it 4.5 stars overall.

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