Genki Ya

genki-ya-brookline-mavocano sushi

Honestly, if you saw this place you probably wouldn’t think twice and walk right by it. Genki Ya is a divine sushi restaurant that prides itself in being all natural and organic. It is a small restaurant located in Brookline and has some of the best and freshest sushi i have had. I am a big sushi place and have been to many places which you can read about. Yet, this is still one of my most favorite sushi places by far. You can watch them make the sushi right in front of you and you know exactly what goes into it.

cucumber sushi

All the sushi is presented in a beautiful manner and the sushi above with the salmon in the cucumber is like a breath of fresh air, and one of my favorites at this place.  My only complaint about this place is that it is rather small and they do not take reservations and since the place is small it can get packed and busy rather quickly. Also, sometimes the service isnt the best because they only have a few employees working at a time, which can make it a little irritating at times when you are neglected for long periods of time.

fancy sushisweet potato sushi

Overall I do enjoy this sushi restaurant and every time i have come it has always been very busy and popular in the evenings. I would give it a 3.5 overall because although the food is great, the place itself could use some work and updating and the service could use some work as well.
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