Cabots Ice Cream Restaurant

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Its always nice to find a local ice cream shop thats not a chain like JP Licks. Cabots Ice Cream is a family owned home made ice cream restaurant that has been open in Newton, MA since 1969. Today they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as many different ice creams, floats, and shakes. You also have the option of take out or sitting and dinning there.

The place itself has a diner feel to it, and most of the staff that work there are actually local kids that go to the Newton High School. The one complaint that I have is that owner, herself is not the friendliest. Also, you must keep in mind that they only take cash at this restaurant, so credit cards are not accepted.

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Now when it comes to ice cream, you be the judge! This place is great for the entire family. You will see that it is always crowded with kids and parents and even grandparents. There is something here for everyone. Their ice Cream is great, and they have new flavors every season. I have to admit i am a big fan of their chocolate frappe. So even if you are a picky eater there is bound to be something here that you will like. I will give this hidden gem 5 stars for the friendly service and great ice cream!


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