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This is one of my family’s all time favorite restaurants. Aquitaine is located right in Chestnut Hill, MA and has an incredible french kitchen. I’ll admit that the place is a tad bit small, but it is still incredible inside. It has some slight charm to it, with the dim lights and candles. It is not over the top decorated nor does it have that popular modern theme to it. But when you walk inside you get a sense of comfort and serenity.

The menu is absolutely incredible. It is bound to have something for everyone. For the fish lovers there is an array of seafood dishes, for the meat lovers you will find chicken, duck, steak, lamb, and many other options as well. I know that many think that it is silly to get a salad when you go out to a restaurant, but I have to say that they have some fun and zesty salads, which I highly recommend.

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Now my family is very picky when it comes to food. We always find something wrong with every place. The food isn’t salty enough, sometimes its too salty, the meat isn’t soft enough, or the fish isn’t cooked to perfection. But this is one of those places where we can all come together and not have a single complaint. Even the desserts here are wonderful. Whether you are in the mood for crème blrule, gelato, or maybe chocolate mousse? Everything is done very well here. Therefore, i will happily give this place 5 stars. Some nights we even just come for a cup of great cappuccino, some drinks, and dessert! I recommend you give it a try too.

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