Blue State Coffee


Truthfully, the fist time i ventured into Blue State Coffee it was purely by accident. I happened to be in the Boston University area and was waiting to meet a friend. So, craving a hot chai latte because it was a cold autumn day, i headed inside. The place was actually very crowded with people sitting meeting or working with a glass of coffee, tea, or latte right beside them.

The place is not fancy, nor does it have large lounge chairs and couches, but it did have a pleasant vibe to it and the barista was very friendly and told me about their menu and the fact that their products are all natural and some are even organic.


So i finally ordered my chai latte and decided to take a seat. My chai was actually very good!  I was pleasantly surprised, thinking that this place would be just average. They had an array of scones and other pastries you could order to go along with your drink and everything was fresh. So for the service and the coffee I would definitely give this place 4.5 stars. If I ever happen to be in the area again I will be stopping in for my cappuccino or whatever I’m in the mood for that day.

Blue State Coffee on Urbanspoon


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