Esperia Grill

esperia 1esperia 4

I love Greek food! But true authentic Greek food. Who doesn’t like real baklava or lamb? I came across Esperia Grill by accident. It was recommended to me as a good place to go dine for good Greek food. Its located right in Brighton Center so I figured I would give it a shot. Lets just say I am not impressed at all and if I want to go to a fast food place like subway I would go there instead.

This place is tiny! Lets talk about the location, it hardly has any parking, it is located right next to a Dunkin Donuts and the inside doesn’t even feel like a restaurant. I really felt like i was at a Subway. Although there are a few tables inside it has a counter where there is pre-made food. So if anything it feels more like a cafe/ deli. Moreover, it feels like a really cheap place. Don’t let the pictures of the food fool you, they don’t exactly look like that in real life.

esperia 2esperia 3

Once I walked in and saw what the place looked like i was a little nervous, so to play it safe and not knowing where any of their meat of food in general comes from I decided to play it safe and order a greek salad. Simple right? Tomatoes, olives, lettuce, onions, and a few other veggies, you can’t really mess that up. Well lets just say they could. I had maybe like 2 pieces of tomatoes which were huge and a few olives sprinkled in there. Needless to say i was not impressed or pleased and just played around with it. I would have to say that this restaurant gets 2.5 starts at most and I will most definitely not be going back. I’ll still have to find the perfect authentic Greek restaurant.

esperia storeesperia store 2


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