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I love good authentic Italian food. Honestly, who doesn’t? I was introduced to Salvatore’s by a friend of mine who loves the restaurant and frequents it often. I love the vibe in this restaurant and  most of all its location. The Seaport district in Boston is one of my favorite places and this restaurant is right in the heart of it. They have come cute out door seating in the summer and a very modern and fun theme inside. The place is always packed and busy, I have yet to come there sometime when its not.

Now another thing i was pleasantly surprised about was how attentive and great the servers were! I know I am a pretty difficult case and therefore hard to please sometimes, but the guys were were absolutely wonderful. Very friendly, patient, attentive, and always eager to help you pick out the perfect meal.

The food itself is pretty good too. I can’t say its great authentic Italian food, but i will say that it is pretty decent. The fist time I went there I was nervous and ordered pasta to be safe and it was pretty good. The second time I got their salmon and I wasn’t disappointed but I also wasn’t impressed either. The presentation is fine, nothing over the top. I will however, suggest their pizza’s because those are pretty great. So overall, this restaurant gets a 4 from me and I’ll definitely be going there with friends again.


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