Athan’s Bakery

Athansathans 2

It was my mother who first discovered this bakery when she wanted to surprise me one night with real Greek baklava. Athan’s Bakery is a small chain bakery which offers fresh pastries, desserts, gelato, and even chocolates. Ive gone there before just to sit enjoy a latte with a croissant, or run in when I need to pick up a delicious dessert to bring to a dinner party. I have to say that this place has never disappointed me.

I’ve never tried their sweets like their chocolates and other candies, but I can attest that their baked goods are phenomenal! Even the gelato is very good. I highly recommend that everyone try this place when they have a craving for sweets! You won’t be disappointed.

athans 3athans_250

When you walk in you will always be greeted by friendly service, and being indecisive myself I always need some time to think before I finally decide what I want to get. I came to the Athan’s located in Brookline and the service was great. I came to enjoy a latte with a friend and I was surprised to see that they even brought me my latte and dessert to my table. They were exceptionally attentive, which made the entire experience that much better.  I will definitely be coming back here many more times! Good luck trying to find your favorite dessert

Athans outside

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