Eastern Standard


Owned by the same people who run Island Creek Oyster Bar, Eatern Standard is a very trendy restaurant and bar located right in Kenmore Square in Boston. They have available outdoor seating in the summer, which is great when its a nice day out. Also, inside the restaurant is very trendy with a great bar area off to the left and separate from the rest of the sit down restaurant area. In the evenings this area is always packed with a relatively young crowd enjoying drinks in the city.

However, for a restaurant located in such a great location and with such great design and decoration, they have a very poor menu for actual dining. I have gone there a couple of times for lunch, just cocktails, and dinner. If you are going for a cocktail it is a great place. They offer drinks that other places don’t offer anymore, such as the pain killer which is a coconut and pineapple drink.  If you are looking for a meal here you will most likely be disappointed. There is not a great variety of options to begin with and the dishes are rather simple and not very creative. I’ve tried the burger and I was left unhappy with it. They also have some salad options, sandwiches, and mac and cheese. I was expecting something a little more high end, given the image they were going for.


Overall I am not pleased with this place. I think that the atmosphere is great and I enjoy coming to grab a drink, but I will not be coming there for food. I think that it isnt cooked up to standard and I think it is overpriced for what it is. For service and food this restaurant gets a 3 from me.

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