Just like the next person I love Italian food. However, I love real, authentic italian food. There are so many Italian restaurants around Boston now, you can easily find somewhere to eat, the problem is finding the right place to eat. The North End is notorious for having some of the best Italian restaurants and I won’t argue with that. However, I stumbled upon Apettito, which is a quaint little restaurant located right in Newton Center. The first time I went, i came with my family for a fun, loud, typical dinner out.

I’ll tell you this much. It definitely has the feel of a family owned restaurant, with the small quaint tables scattered throughout the restaurant and themed pictures painted on the walls throughout. The menu looked fairly decent so we were all excited to give it a try.

However, the food was sub par, the service was not great. There were only a few waitresses during a busy period, if I remember correctly both times I came to this place there were only two waitresses working. The bread that was brought out to us and said to be fresh, was cold and not fresh to say the least. The pasta we ordered  was very average. I ordered one with cranberries, broccoli, and chicken with a light Alfredo sauce, yet it came out like something I would make on my own. The fish we ordered was luke warm and apart from being very bland it was also overly salty. We were all not impressed to say the least.

For the overall service and quality of the food I would say that this place was very overpriced. Being located where it was, i would expect more from it because there are some great restaurants located right across the street, such as Tomato the Pizza Kitchen. Therefore, this restaurant gets 2 stars from me, and although I already came there twice hoping that the experience would improve, it did not.


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