Golden Temple


As far as i can remember, Golden Temple was always everyone’s favorite Chinese Restaurant. Located right in Brookline, this restaurant was always in the center of everything. Apart for its great food, the restaurant was also known for their great service, wonderful ambiance inside, and having ice sculptures every year around New Years.

I have to admit there are so many Chinese Restaurants out there today, that it almost feels like they are at every corner of every street. I will say this. I have been coming to this place for years and cannot complain about the food or service. We have been to many different restaurants throughout the years, but somehow we find ourselves coming back to this place.

food gtfloatingrock_noodles

The portions are a decent size, it is easy to share with your family and friends and the place is very clean and relaxing. Compared to other places everything is fresh and held to the highest standards. If you are ever in the area and in the mood for Chinese I highly recommend this place, you will not be disappointed.

Golden Temple on Urbanspoon


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