Russell House Tavern

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Located right in the heart of Harvard Square, you can only imagine what the crowd and feel to Russell House Tavern would be. This place is very Posh and stylish with an air of elegance and maturity. When you walk on you’ll see that there are two floors to this restaurant as well as a bar located downstairs that is always crowded in cheery in the evenings.

The first time i came here we sat downstairs right in the center of everything. We began our night with a couple of cocktails and some salads. Although a salad is such a simple dish, theirs were superb. They had fresh greens, nuts, pears, and other fruits. The combination with the light dressing was perfect and not too heavy. For the main course I got the salmon that came with mashed potatoes and vegetables that were lightly steamed. Lets just say that it was simply cooked to perfection. The different flavors blended perfectly together and the fish itself was not lacking in flavor or too salty. I was very impressed. My friends even tried the burgers and those too were exquisite. Overall when it came to the food we had no complaints. We even stayed and indulged ourselves in dessert.


Now when it came to the service the first time we came there the service was impeccable. I had no complaints. Our waiter was very attentive, checked in on us multiple times and never left us sitting waiting for a second. However, the second time we came we sat in a different section and out waitress was very flaky. We waited for a long time to receive any service at all. We constantly had to ask other waiters for service such as simply refilling our water glass. Needless to say, the tip was not the same the second time.

Overall, I really enjoy this place and highly recommend it for a great dinner or just a night out for drinks at a bar. I would give it 4 stars for food, service, and location. There is always so much going on in Harvard Square that you will definitely find something to do after the meal.

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