The Paris Creperie

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This used to be one of my absolute favorite places to go to. The Paris Creperie, or as it used to be called, The Paris Cafe, has been in Brookline for years. I remember coming here with friends back when i was in high school for a nutella frappe or a sweet crepe. I cant remember how many people i introduced to this hidden gem… I guess you can say that now its no longer so hidden.

Throughout the years the upgraded and updated the place and of course it looks much better. They added a food truck which you can find all over boston, and I highly recommend trying both a sweet and savory crepe. My favorite used the be chicken caesar crepe, it was perfect. The chicken to lettuce ratio and the dressing they used was light so it didn’t take away from any of the other flavors. My favorite sweet crepe was the Nutella crepe. I like to go for the classics, and chocolate is my favorite. My friends loved some of the other veggie savory crepes and one of their all time favorites was the buffalo chicken crepe (if you’re a buffalo chicken fan, you would love this).


So here’s the problem. Although I really do love this place, the food is great, it pretty much is a hidden gem thats kind of a tiny whole in the wall. I have to give credit that the owners have really done a lot with the amount of space they have. The new menu is awful! Forget that they raised their prices from like $6 – $8 a crepe which are now $11 and up, they also completely changed their menu and from the words of the staff “got rid of a few ingredients”. So if i made you want a caesar salad crepe or a buffalo chicken crepe, don’t bother going, you wont find it on the menu anymore. You can build your own crepe though, but that time my friend built her own, one crepe cost her $20. I think for that price I would rather go to Paris, visit the Eiffel Tower again and get a fresh crepe at a real French cafe.

Overall I give this place a 5. I still love their crepes and i’m not sure if you can find a Nutella frappe like theirs anywhere else, but will i frequent the place as often as I did before? Definitely not. Maybe once in a blue moon for a sweet crepe and frappe if anything.

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